More than 40 years of expertise in animal supplementation and bolus technology


Antibiotic resistance is a major public health problem.
In animal health, prevention is the main answer that helps to secure the plates of our children.
In terms of micro-nutrition and animal supplementation, our model is unique in Europe. Born from an artisanal know-how, more than 45 years ago in Charente, we have evolved the whole value chain:

Innovation through our research laboratory

The production tool to pharmaceutical standards

French and international marketing

Conscious of our social responsibility, we participate with the support of veterinarians to develop a responsible responsible. We promote the development of all our employees through participative management and their involvement in this strategy to promote the values ​​of Vétalis Technologies for a healthier diet.

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Vétalis is very caring for animals! Because, just like men, they are vulnerable  It is in this that our laboratory specialized in nutraceutical makes it possible to bring effective solutions able to support the physiological dispositions of the animals and to boost their reactivity, in particular during the pivotal periods like the gestation, the calving, or the dryness for the cattle.

Supplementation with micronutrients via boluses and other nutraceuticals helps to meet the needs of animals with regular and controlled intake, whether in the short, medium or long term.


Nos Valeurs

Immersion in Vétalis
In 2050, we estimate that 10 million people will die as a result of antibiotic resistance.
In other words, if we do not take action, this problem will become the largest cause of mortality in the world?

All the strength of the Bpifrance Excellence network

Did you know that Vétalis Technologies was part of the Bpifrance Excellence network? On account of our dynamism and determination to develop in France and at the international level, our company was chosen by the Bpifrance chargés d’affaires to join their network.

Encouraging a high quality work environment

 Well-being at work is a major concern for our company! And to help meet this challenge, Laurent Chery, President of Vétalis Technologies, chose Feng-Shui. The site has been designed and constructed according to the basic principles of this ancient Chinese art. As an example, we have the 222! A Feng-shui space devoted to the relaxation and well-being of all employees.


The livestock show

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Vétalis develops innovative preventive treatments in the field of animal health.

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