Montmorillonite clay is composed of crystallized particles with three layers, consisting of a sheet of alumina between two sheets of silica. The independence of these three sheets in relation to the other layers, determines ARGILIS’s absorption qualities.

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Montmorillonite clay

Composition<trong> Percentage
Silica in Si02 54.27%
Aluminium in Al203 13.86%
Iron in in Fe203 6.11%
Magnesium in Mg0 3.81%
Potassium in K20 2.22%
Calcium in Ca0 2.04%


In food, can be used as it is, mixed into feed or diluted in a little water, in the proportion of 50g for 2 to 3 kg of dry matter / day.


In food:

  • Buffer effect of pH
  • Absorbent power (water-gas)
  • Absorbent power (microbes-viruses)

External use:

  • Powdering
  • Poultices
  • Plasters