Calves are born hypogammaglobulinemic and their survival depends on the rapid absorption of a sufficient quantity of nutrients and elements to enable their immune systems to function (immunoglobulins, white blood cells, enzymes) in the hours following birth. Only good quality maternal colostrum can provide these essential elements that are essential to stimulate resistance to disease.

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IBR negative lyophilized bovine colostrum, rich in lactoferrin (minimum 100 g of IgG).


Dilute 1 x 20 g dose, corresponding to 5 g of IgG, in 100 ml of water at 40°C (ideally in 100 ml of milk at 40°C or combined with Colostrum Plus®)


Highly concentrated: 25% of IgG guaranteed active.

One 400 g tub guarantees at least 100 g of IgG ingested immediately at birth, or the equivalent of one litre of high quality maternal colostrum.