Oligovet Cu Zn Se

Targeted supplementation in Copper Zinc and Selenium.

Packaging Available in boxes of 20 boluses

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Composition of the bolus

Trace elements and Vitamins Daily Intakes for 1 and 2 x 75 g bolus
E4 Copper 83.9 / 167.9 mg
E6 Zinc 141 / 282 mg
E8 Selenium 0.84 / 1.7 mg


180 days of controlled action

  • Young cattle: 1 bolus
  • Adult Cattle: 2 bolus

Targeted Copper Zinc and Selenium supplementation enabling a prolonged intake of animals on grassland.

Reference of bolus applicator suitable for this product: L021

Please remember that it is advisable to change the rubber tips regularly. This item is available for sale separately.

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