Oligovet Dry Cow

Drying off in dairy farming is a vital period covering a few weeks before calving. During this period, milking is stopped. It is a crucial stage that must not be ignored: it is the starting point of a new lactation.

Packaging: available in boxes of 12 and 50 boluses



Composition of Oligovet Dry Cow bolus


1 bolus at drying off

90 days of controlled release covering :

  • Dry period
  • Calving
  • The first month of lactation


Dairy cow > 400 kg


  • Improves the transfer of passive immunity to the calf via the colostrum
  • Reduces the risk of post-calving pathologies in the mother
  • Prepares the mother for the next reproduction cycle
Improves the milk quality (by reducing cell counts)  EVOLUTION OF THE CELL COUNTS IN MILK
Zootechnical results after administration of Oligovet® Dry Cow Bolus, to 50 dairy cows from the same herd 6 to 8 weeks before calving
Reference of bolus applicator suitable for this product: L019 / L020

Please remember that it is recommended to change the rubber tips regularly. This item is available for sale separately.

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Bolus applicator

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