Oligovet Reproduction

Fertility in cattle breeding is a major concern. Infertility costs are substancial for the breeder (10% of gross breeding income*), both in direct charges (repeated artificial inseminations) as well as indirect charges more difficult to assess (such as milk production losses or increased renewal rate following culling due to infertility).

*D. Ferguson, Symposium, 2003 « Impact économique de la performance de reproduction du troupeau » (Economic Impact of reproductive performance in dairy herds)

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Composition of the Oligovet reproduction bolus


1 bolus 1 month before reproduction
8 weeks of controlled release


  • Heats
  • Reproduction phase
  • Nidation
  • The beginning of suckling


1 bolus during periods of reproductive activity


Dairy cows >400 Kg

Oligovet Reproduction enables:

  • an average gain of 11 days between calving interval and successful fecondation
  • an average gain of 0.323 AI per cow = more than €1,000 saved per herd! (average herd of 50.6 cows)

Supplementation in trace elements and vitamins :

Better activityof the corpus luteum

Less follicular cysts

Better expression of estrus, less repeat breeding


Reference of bolus applicator suitable for this product: L019 / L020

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