Oxylis Cattle Canister

Threats from parasites continue to increase in cattle and sheep farms due to climate warming, the concentration and housing of animals during the winter (conducive to lice and mange), and also because of resistance to the various anti-parasite products used. External parasites can have a huge impact on productivity and animal well-being. They are often the source of significant financial losses for cattle breeders (costs of prevention and treatments).



Oxylis is composed of 2 molecules

Repulsive and anti-parasitic

    PMD (para-menthane-3.8.diol): produced from citronella essential oil.
    Geraniol: present in geranium and palmarosa essential oil.

Protocol for Cattle

40 – 50 ml per animal

Flies, ticks, lice, midges

  • Spray application (zones favoured by parasites).
  • Adjust frequency of application to the parasitic threat.


  • Spray application (on areas of hair loss).
  • 2 applications two weeks apart

Oxylis strong points

Natural green dye (alfalfa extract) to identify treated animals.

Repellent effect

on flies and mosquitoes

  • Repellent effect on flys and mosquitoes, sources of bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases (summer mastitis, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, anthrax, MCF)
  • Prevents the attachment of ticks that can cause Piroplasmosis/li >
  • Repellent effect on lice
  • Contributes to measures taken to combat cattle mange

Benefits for Cattle

  • Can be used on lactating and pregnant cows
  • Can be used in dairy and beef farming
  • Can be used on young animals (calves, heifers)
  • No waiting time