La gamme Repro s’élargit

La gamme Repro s’élargit

The REPRODUCTION range expands and allows to provide to vets and farmers 2 solutions to face 2 different situations :


Bolus oligovet reproflush

Anticipate with Oligovet Reproduction :

As a reminder, the product Oligovet Reproduction, which has an action of 56 days, is recommended in fertility monitoring when the farmer has time to anticipate the reproduction in the most effective conditions (especially in case of metritis, slow uterine involution, or in farms with little or no mineralization for overall and longer-term management of reproduction).

Act quickly with Oligovet ReproFlush! :

It has a fast action : 2 days of delitescence. Itcontains  Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt, Zinc, Manganese and Copper in the form of organic salts  of last generation, highly bioavailable (including  cuprous hydroxychlorides,  Zinc  hydroxychlorides, hydroxyanalogue of selenomethionine, Manganese glycine chelates). Oligovet Reproflush! also includes a complete vitamin pool (B-carotène, Vitamins A, E, D3, Niacinamide).

Oligovet Reproflush!  is used in a targeted way in case of anestrus, silent heat, lack of fertilization, early embryonic mortality or before an artificial insemination to maximize its chance of success. It will allow the breeder to be reactive with a relevant solution in a critical situation.

 ONLY 1 BOLUS per cow*= 2 days of  action

*cow over 400kg

For further information, please contact your distributor or Vétalis export department. Click on the  link below:  


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Conference on colostrale intake

Conference on colostrale intake

Vetalis offers you to attend a conference on taking colostrale. In the program :
issues and news on colostrale intake, and the interests of hydrolysed yeasts in animal feed.

Appointment on 20 December in Paris at the BPI with Professor Renaud Maillard, Senior Lecturer, and Agathe Chaine, Technical Manager at ICC.

The livestock show

Vétalis is present as every year on this show with a stand that will not fail to amaze our breeders. This unmissable meeting of the sector will be the opportunity to present our brand new product in the range of colostro-supplementation: COLOSTRUM PLUS ALLAITANT