Oligovet ReproFlush

Lack of heat, silent heat or return on heat are part of a lot current of problems for breeders, in farms that paradoxically produce always more. Besides the obvious role of peripartum energy deficiency in the bovines fertility improvement, the trace-elements and the vitamins are playing a complementary key role.

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Composition of the bolus

*Organic forms (chloride hydroxides) **Organic forms (includingChelates 47%) ***Including hydroxylated analogue of selenomethionine (40%)


Of trace-element and vitamins

  • Encourage the coming of heat : β-carotene ; I ; Se* ; Co ; Zn* ; Mn* ; Cu*
  • Maximize the chance of success of IA : Vit A ; β-carotene ; I ; Se* ; Co ; Zn* ; Mn* ; Cu*
  • Fight against oxydative  stress: Vit E ; Se* ; Cu ; Zn* ; Mn* ; I
  • Support for dairy production : Vit D3 ; Niacinamide
  • Boost effect on the microbiota of rumen : Co ; Niacinamide

*Salts highly bio-available

Reference of bolus applicator suitable for this product: L019 / L020

Please remember that it is advisable to change the rubber tips regularly. This item is available for sale separately.

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