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Vétalis Company

Is Vétalis a french company ?

Specialist of cattle boluses, Vétalis Technologies is a french company from the Charente Region.
All of its activity, from the head office to the laboratory, is located in Cognac in the old Prunier cellars.

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Vétalis Innovation

What is the Electrolytic Bolus patented technology ?

The electrolytic bolus is a patented technology designed by the Vétalis laboratory allowing a better control of the trace elements intakes. Thus, the boluses compensate the needs of the animals in a targeted way.
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Vétalis Expertise

What is nutraceutic?

By definition, nutraceuticals means products made from food substances, in the form of tablets, powders or any other medicinal form.

The Vétalis laboratory is specialized in nutraceutics for farm animals especially for cattle. It offers products, mainly in the form of a bolus, to strengthen their immune defenses and their metabolism during important periods of production: reproduction, calf growth, lactation, drying out, calving, etc.

Subclinical hypocalcemia, what is it?

Very present in herds of dairy cows, subclinical hypocalcemia – or milk fever – is a postpartum pathology linked to a high deficiency of blood calcium.
A massive intake of trace elements of which calcium can cure this disease but especially prevent it.

Are trace elements important for animals ?

For both men and animals, trace elements are essential for life. Whether copper, zinc, manganese, iodine and many more, these trace elements contribute to the proper functioning of animal health like cows , to name a few. An example ? Selenium deficiency may be responsible for reproductive disorders, placental retention, metritis, etc.

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Trace elements analysis and profile kit: are they suitable for sheeps ?

Usually used on cattle, the profile kit for measuring plasma levels can also be performed on sheep (males and females).
There is no difference regarding the sample, but it should be noted on the kit binding sheet that the analysis concerns sheep.

Why are the animals deficient?

Like humans, animals can also suffer from a deficiency which, usually, affects several minerals at a time. The reasons for these deficiencies are multiple: less rich soils, more important needs of animals, key moments in animal life (drying, calving, reproduction, etc.).

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Trace elements analysis and profile kit : how to pay?

Check the box corresponding to the desired billing type on the commemorative sheet provided by Vétalis : breeder billing, or veterinary billing

Trace elements analysis and profile kit : what is the suitable time?

Preferentially use the tubes within the limit of the maximum use date written on the tubes.

Trace elements analysis and profile kit : what is the procedure ?

If it is not possible to centrifuge : send it within 3 days.


Vétalis Products

Are our products usable for organic farming?

No, the products of the Vetalis laboratory are not suitable for organic farming. Except the Oxylis solution, which is an environmentally friendly repellent to control external parasites in cattle (flies, ticks, lice, scabies, etc.)

Are our product usable after optimal use-by-date ?

If they do not contain vitamins, the products of Vétalis Technologies laboratory can be used after the deadline of optimal use (DOU).

Which products can be used for horses?

Oligovet flora : A mineral food generally used to replenish digestive flora and intestinal mucosa during diarrhea in cows and calves, it can also be used for horses and foals.

Oligovet Flora : how to give it by drinking?

Used to reconstitute the intestinal flora and intestinal mucosa of animals, it is advisable to dilute or sprinkle this mineral food in water or milk. The intake should be rapid and at one time (in the prescribed doses)

Which products are in the Oligovet Grazing range ?

The Oligovet Super Grazing range has 3 products for 3 types of animals: Oligovet Super Grazing for cows , Oligovet Super Grazing for heifers, Oligovet Super Grazing for calves .These products provide adapted trace elemens intakes depending on the animal’s stage.


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